Wonderbrow-Less than wondrous

If you have learned anything about me while reading my beauty reviews, you know that I’m always searching for the best brow products to enhance my light, sparse eyebrows.  I’m willing to try almost anything to reach brow nirvana.  So when I first heard about Wunderbrow, I was totally stoked to try it. I placed an order for the product right away.

I naturally have medium brown hair, so I ordered the product in the shade of brunette.  When I received it, I found that it came with a fairly large brush applicator and a mascara brush applicator along with it. This confused me. The applicator brush was pretty far from the defined angle brush I was used to applying my brow products with.  It was downright intimidating! But being ever the optimist when it comes to promising brow products, I dove in.  But as excited as I was about trying Wunderbrow, I couldn’t get it to go on correctly. It was clumpy and goopy.  I wasn’t impressed. Wunderbrow lost its place in my makeup rotation.

Fast forward a year and I began seeing a fresh ramp up of Wunderbrow commericials on social media. The exciting thing about these new commercials were that they demonstrated actual product application by actual humans.  Eureka! I needed to ditch the brush applicator that came with the product and purchase a separate angle brush applicator. Not wanting to be a quitter, I ordered Wunderbrow for the second time and ordered the Wunderbrow angled brush along with it. Ready for brow fablulousness!

So I tried application with the angled brush.  It was a bit easier to apply, but I still had trouble. I either applied too much brow gel or not enough.  I couldn’t seem to apply it only where I wanted it either.  Also I had trouble getting the product to stay or build on the sparser sections on my eyebrows, such as at the ends. So parts of my brows looked completely solid brown with no brow hair definition and other parts looked completely lacking in color. What I ended up doing to get the look I wanted was partial application with the Wunderbrow and partial application with my regular brow powder. I couldn’t seem to make it work using just Wunderbrow.

I also didn’t find the Wunderbrow product to be terribly long lasting.  The product website claims the product will give you “thicker and more defined brows for up to 3 days.”  The gel came off with a light face washing. I found the gel came off almost completely with a light swipe of my make up removal wipes.  Also the angled brush applicator gets so gummed up when I use it, I have to work really hard after each use to get it clean.  It’s really not usable unless it is totally cleaned out. Sadly. I fund Wunderbrow to be one of the most overhyped products on the market right now. So again, Wunderbrow loses its place in my makeup rotation for a second time.

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