Karity color-so vibrant!

I’ve never been one to wear a lot of eyeshadow. On a daily basis, I tend to wear a light swipe of tan shimmer shadow and not much else.  To that end, I don’t have a lot of experience creating different eyeshadow looks.  However, that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t love to create so many of the beautiful eye shadow looks I see online and on other beauty sites. But I’m here to tell you, It’s not always easy! I’ll admit that I’m not very good at it either.  But I’ve said before, I’m no quitter!

So when I saw advertisements for Karity eyeshadow on my Facebook account, I was immediately drawn to the color.  The color was incredibly vibrant. Because I tend to play it safe with eyeshadow, I was drawn to the neutrals. But the bright color selection in the Karity Smokey palette reeled me in as well.  I hopped on the Karity site and purchased the 21 SHADOW IN SMOKEY and I also snagged the 12 SHADOW PALETTE IN NEUTRAL + CASE.

My plan was to build a lovely neutral blend with a splash of smoky color, so I went to work.  I definitely wanted to break a bit out of my comfort zone but also stick with colors that look good on my skin tone, which is pale and freckly. There are absolutely color combinations that work for some and not for others. I decided to use the Neutral Birthday Suite to highlight my brow bone. I added Neutral Tootsie on my lid with a swipe of Neutral Daisy Chain in the bottom of my lid (just above the lashes). I added Smoky Whisper on my lid and built it up under my brow bone. I added Smoky Rudeboy in the crease of my lid and then Smoky Vino at the bottom third of my lid.  The result was fairly impressive for my first shot.  Like you have heard before, the pigment for the Karity shadow is on point. It was Vibrant and beautiful.  This is a look that I could pull off, if applied lightly, for work.  But I could also dial it up several notches for a night out. I included a fairly poorly taken pic of the results.   I like the eyeshadow results so far.  Next time, I think I’ll try out some of the blue shades…


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