Watercolor Blusher-Yes Please!


I am positive that I have tried about a gazillion brands, colors and permutations of blush over the years. I have wanted so badly to be able to capture that perfect sun-kissed look where the blush caresses the apple of your cheek and then gently sweeps upward. Queue the whimsical harp music -Ahhhh. But I am usually disappointed…until NOW.

Do yourself a Favor

If you try one blush this year, I would encourage you to make it Daniel Sandler’s WaterColour blushers. This product, a UK brand, comes in an amazing 12 available shades. How can you possibly pick just one shade?  The good news is that you don’t have to. These shades are extremely blendable to create unique sweeps of color.

When I first heard about Daniel Sandler’s Watercolour Liquid Blusher, I was interested but skeptical.  Because I tend to go ‘all-in’ when I find a product I am really interested in, I ordered 3 shades: Passion, Cherub and Flush. Sandler suggests that multiple shades can be combined for a super unique and sheer look.  So I wanted to test that theory.

When I received my bottles, I noticed the formula was thin and watery. I shook the bottles up and went to work.  I started with a dot of Cherub on my index finger.  I very quickly blended it on the apply of my cheek, sweeping upward with the color in a circular motion.  I noticed right away that the blush felt very light on my cheek and gave me just a kiss of color. It allowed my skin to show through, giving me a more natural look. I then used the Flush blusher but I only applied it to the apply of my cheeks, blending easily with the Cherub. The result was very promising indeed.  Even though I have what I think of as a pinkish skin tone, I still love the look of a pretty blusher.  This blush indeed gave me the gently sweeping color I was looking for with the benefit of a very light and buildable look.

Multipurpose goodness

Another cool thing I discovered about this product is that it is multipurpose!  I dabbed a bit of the Passion color on my lips and swept the rest on my eyelids. Fabulous.  LOVED that look!  Fabulous.  So even though my skin tone is pinkish to start with and freckly, this is THE BEST look I have ever captured with blush.  For someone with sensitive skin, a light, water-based formula like this one is perfect. I am very pleased and I can’t wait to try some more color combinations.



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