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Simple is Better

I’ve tried a lot of brow products over the years to enhance my light and skimpy brows.  A LOT….One of the most important things I have learned over the years with brow product application is that simple is usually better. The wax, the pencils, the gel fillers do not look as clean or polished as some great brow powder with a little brow gel to lock the look into place.

Kelley Baker Brow powder is just such a simple but effective product.  It comes in the following shades:Blonde, Brown, Dark Brown.   Powder in the shade of Brown fits the bill for me perfectly. The baked powder is smudge-resistant and goes on super easily. Not to mention the fact that the powder container contains a lot of product.  I use it every day and I may not need to purchase a replacement for a year.


First, I use a regular brow brush to apply the powder. I lightly outline my brows with the thin edge of the brush and then use the flat side of the brush to fill in.  A little goes a long way with this product. Once my brows look the way I want them to, I set with the Clear Brow Setting Gel also by Kelly Baker Brows, which looks a lot like clear mascara but sets my style for the day without any flaking or crunchy look. The powder fills my brows in perfectly and completely-including several patchy areas without any trouble.

What is missing at the end is that look of a solid mass like you will get with some eyebrow gels or waxes. Instead I still have a natural look, but much better.  It takes 5 minutes and I am good to go!  This looks lasts all day.  And If I want a slightly more dramatic look, I can wet my brow brush for a darker application.  This product has made it into my daily routine. I really love the Kelley Baker Brow line of products and can’t wait to try more!


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  1. Diamond Puckett October 15, 2019 at 7:58 pm

    Where can I find your products in Decatur Georgia

    1. 01jlsewell October 16, 2019 at 4:19 am

      Hi There!
      Kelley Baker Brow products can be found here
      I love them!
      Take care!


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